Nezar Raees Associates
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The Practice
Employment and Labour

Our clients tend to work in highly competitive business markets and employers and employees, whether in the private or public sector, are always in need of practical business-oriented advice on labour and employment issues.

The most fundamental aspect of this is understanding that "human resources" deals with real people encountering real problems that require attention and redress. Bearing this in mind, we offer our clients strategic preventive advice, ongoing support and legal representation if necessary, to handle any complicated workplace issues that may arise.

If any of our clients are involved in a lawsuit, grievance, arbitration, claim of discrimination or wrongful dismissal, we immediately see to it that they get the ardent support and ethical representation we know they need.

Our services include the following:
  • Practical, business-oriented advice and support.
  • Audit services including review of employment practices, compliance with wage and hour laws, drafting employment agreements, protecting trade secrets, restructuring the workforce, compliance with social insurance and work injury related legislation.
  • Assistance with the preparation of Human Resource and Employee Manuals.
  • Effective representation in administrative and litigation matters, including at mediation and in trial.
  • Ongoing responsive support to ensure the interests of the employers are protected in a rapidly changing market.