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Our Community
Our Community

This firm was established in a corporate world but is thoroughly dedicated to public service. Without our society we would be nothing and so, pro bono legal service is a fundamental aspect of who we are.

By taking on a large number of pro bono matters every year, we fulfill a need within our community for legal services among those who cannot afford it. We encourage our lawyers to partake in pro bono activities early on in their careers by supporting those who volunteer for jobs which fall outside of their specific practice areas. So, not only does this solve countless issues that largely remain ignored, but it also provides our team of lawyers with tremendous professional and personal satisfaction. At the very least, three per cent of our annual billed time is dedicated to pro bono work.

Whenever a pro bono matter has been accepted and approved then it is handled with the utmost professionalism, as with any other case. The full dedication of our lawyers and all available resources from the firm are offered and utilised for the requirements of a substantial portion of people who are in dire need of representation.