Nezar Raees Associates
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Our Values
Our Values

Certain core values have influenced the Nezar Raees Associates attitude since establishment. We know that the assertion of these values allows us to emphasise exactly what makes us successful, thus discouraging any process which may hinder our progression.

What makes the difference is that every staff member of Nezar Raees Associates shares these same values and beliefs, which ensures the culture and character of our firm is clearly defined by how we behave and make our decisions. This determination to achieve the best results further cements our ambitions and reputation as a top quality law firm working for major local and international businesses alike.

The Client Always Comes First

Clients are the lifeline of any business. They are the reason for our existence. In that vein, deeply understanding our clients’ needs is our ultimate goal.

For every staff member at Nezar Raees Associates, putting the client first is of utmost importance. By providing unparalleled, effective and innovative service at all times we ensure not only our success, but contribute to our clients’ successes too.

Making Quality Count

At Nezar Raees Associates we know that there is no point in doing our job if it is not done to the highest of international standards. A company’s reputation is of critical significance and depends solely on the quality of our work. Therefore, this is a value we are unwilling to compromise.

In order to achieve the level of excellence befit for any globally-renowned law firm, we combine technical superiority with a commercial approach, focusing our energies on solutions. None of this would be possible if we did not constantly develop our market and client knowledge, as well as continuously sharpen our technical skills.

One Team

We are dedicated to recruiting and retaining the very best staff in the industry, thereafter committing to developing and honing their skills to the highest level. The diversity and strength of our capabilities and resources is limitless and this aspect of our firm continually puts us in good stead among competitors.

A common culture of shared values, mutual respect and utmost consideration supports the collegiate and collaborative working environment we encourage within our different practices and departments. Our team works as one to deliver the best results for our clients.

Success In Everything We Do

Innovation, effort and the pursuit of excellence are at the forefront of everything we undertake. As a firm we are proactive and we energetically seek out new ways of encouraging the success of our clients and the firm.

However, our commitment goes beyond effectiveness and hard work. It is not just about getting the job done but also having that ‘can do’ attitude that allows us to go the extra mile for our clients. Again not just for oneself but for the team in its entirety. Working at Nezar Raees Associates requires a willingness to take on any responsibility, large or small, and a preparedness to be accountable for one’s own actions. At every level, ambition and leadership are key.